EXIT crew

The crew begins with 4 rappers.They started as an underground band recording their first debut EP “stairs of rap” in a studio located in the east of tehran .

In 2012 graffiti writers “Nirone”and “Khamoosh” joined the crew. “Nirone” start his career by year 2012 in a graffiti club (Adrenalin) and “Khamoosh” started his career experimenting his paintings on Apadana’s wall by 2009 – Apadana residential society is a well known spot since the emerge of this new media in Iran .in 2016 “Ghaar” joined the crew .he start his career by year 2011.his first moves were near sadr highway and then slowly spreading through the chity. Exit crew start their career in graffiti in Tehran and they are still a Tehran-based crew.

more info: ugratz.com